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Everyone deserves great tea, even with a busy schedule

Sometimes, it feels impossible to get a great cup of tea on the go in the United States. Drive-thru coffee shops have options, but nothing that matches the great taste of a perfectly steeped cup at home. That’s why we invented the BOTA bottle.

Enjoy the little things and little sips

A great cup of tea makes your appreciate the present

When you're constantly working, cleaning, commuting, and organizing it is hard to live in the moment. We know how a great cup of tea can bring you back to the present, simply enjoying an amazing sip while the world still runs around us. If we can provide one minute of peace in your day, we have done what we set out to do.

Eliminating Muss and Fuss

Can’t Life Always Be This Simple?

Tea. Water. BOTA. That’s all you need to make the best cup of tea you’ve ever had. Why are we obsessed with having all these gadgets in our home that don’t improve our life? We wanted a bottle that could save us some space in our cabinets and on our desks. BOTA helps you declutter and live a simpler, more delicious life.

It Doesn’t Take Much to Change the World

Luckily, Your BOTA Already Has a Head Start

Consume, waste. Consume, waste. Consume, waste. That was the cycle we were trying to break with BOTA. You don’t need a single-use cup in order to enjoy tea on the go - and you don’t need individually-packed tea bags either. All you need is your BOTA and loose leaf tea. No landfill space required.


I love drinking weak, flavorless tea!

No One Ever

Better Tasting Tea

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