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Better Tea, Better Planet

BOTA eliminates single-use cups, uses less water than traditional kettle steeping systems, and reduces the number of microplastics going into landfills from tea bags.


You can use your BOTA bottle again and again instead of using single-use cups or containers - eliminating waste generated from hundreds of disposable containers.

23.2% of landfill waste is from containers and packaging (Environmental Protection Agency (EPA))

No Tea Bags Needed

BOTA is designed for use with loose-leaf tea, rather than just tea bags. Which means less packaging that can take hundreds of years to break down in the environment.

Reduce plastic waste by switching to loose-leaf tea. Tea bags can contain plastic fibers that linger for centuries, as per the UK's Royal Society of Chemistry.


Loose-leaf tea can be composted, meaning less waste in the landfill and more nutrients in your compost!

Reduce waste with BOTA's electric tea bottle and loose-leaf tea. Compost your tea to cut down on food waste - EPA estimates it's 30% of our garbage.

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