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Product Information and Product Care

What is Bota?

What kind of teas my Bota can brew/steep?

How many cups of tea bota can make in a single brew?

How long does the Bota Bottle keep my tea hot or cold?

Will my Bota fit into my car cup holder?

What are the main components of Bota?

What does a bota gift pack contains?

What materials are used in the Bota Bottle and Cup?

What are the dimensions and weight of Bota?

How big is the kettle of Bota?

In what colors does my Bota come?

How does my Bota work?

How does my Bota prepare Chai or other milk based tea like Matcha?

Can Bota be used to just heat up water?

How do I clean my Bota?

Can I put my Bota Bottle and Cup into the dishwasher?

Can I put my Bota Bottle into the microwave?

Can I put my Bota Bottle into the freezer?

Orders and Shipping

How do I find my order number?

How much is shipping?

How long will shipping take?

Can I expedite my order?

What happens if my package is lost or stolen?

Where do you ship?

How do you package your products?


What is your return policy for website orders?

Do you take exchanges?

I think my items arrived damaged! What do I do?

I just ordered, but picked the wrong color. What should I do?


What is your mission?

What does it mean to be Climate Positive?

How do you calculate and offset your footprint?

What is carbon neutral shipping?

Referrals and Discounts

Do you have a referral program?

How do I apply my discount code or gift card?

My discount code doesn’t work!

Can I use more than one discount?

Sustainable Bota

What is ReBota?

Who can participate in the ReBota program?

What can I send in for ReBota?

How many items can I send to ReBota?

What condition does my Bota bottle need to be in for the ReBota program?

How long does it take for my ReBota gift card to arrive?

Does my ReBota gift card expire?